09 March 2006

Packers & loaders

We called several packing companies and had two come to the house to give us actual bids. Today we made arrangements to have our household items packed on the 22nd by Mayflower Moving. These will be the belongings that we will put into storage. We will also hiring some local brutes come to load the rental truck for us on the 23rd. We are having companies do this as they will be able to pack things securely in boxes for us and the loaders will be more experienced in maximizing the space available in the truck. Besides, I have a history of low back problems that I would not want to aggravate.

Those items we will be taking with us to Italy or which need to be inventoried for storage (for possible use while we are in Italy) will have to be packed before March 22nd.

The deadline is closing in fast.

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