17 February 2006

Appointment set with consular agent

This week we received the last financial document we needed from one of our banks, this took almost 2 weeks, so we have all of the documents we need to submit our visa application. We are under the Los Angeles consulate but there is a consular agent here in Albuquerque that we will meet with, have review our documents and then sign our visa application. Then we send this via FedEx with all of the documents to the Los Angeles consulate...and wait.

We will put all of the documents required into a folder with a cover letter and index so they can quickly find any specific document. Plus we have to include copies of everything as well as keep copies for ourselves.

I had hoped to be at this point in the visa process at least 2 weeks ago but getting some of the documents we need has taken longer than I anticipated. We still have more than 2 months before we leave the US so that is not an issue, we just hoped to have our visas back before we leave New Mexico in March. The consulate has told me we can have the visas sent back to any address in the US, so we will have them sent back via FedEx to my sister in Chicago.

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