18 January 2006

Getting an italian tax number - "codice fiscale"

One of the things we will need in Italy is a codice fiscale, an italian tax number. To be able to do simple things like purchase a cell phone, we will need this codice fiscale. The concept of the number is pretty simple: it is based on your name, date of birth and location of birth. The actual number is issued by the Italian government but there are web-sites where you can calculate what the number would be.

I have been trying to contact the Los Angeles consulate to find out what exactly I need to submit to obtain my codice fiscale. As usual, this is an adventure in itself. The interesting part is that several of the other consulate web-sites have forms you can fill out and mail or fax into that consulate to request your codice fiscale. Not the one in Los Angeles, of course

I call and ask what I need to do to get my number: "sure just come to our office with your passport". Well that is a problem as I live in New Mexico so I need to call back in the afternoon when the proper person is available. I call at 4:00PM PST; they are closed. I call at 2:00PM PST; not back from lunch yet. I call at 3:00PM PST on a Friday and no one answers. I call in the morning and no operator available. I prevail on my next attempt this afternoon and actually get a live person, (a REAL live person!) who is very friendly in advising me the information I need to mail to the consulate and assures me this will only take a few days to mail back to me.

I am mailing in a copy of my passport with my name, date of birth and location of birth to the Los Angeles consulate with a little prayer that my codice fiscale will be mailed back to me before we leave New Mexico in March. Off to the ufficio postale in Corrales.

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Sara, Ms Adventures in Italy said...

Ciao Bryan...if for some reason things don't work out and you don't get your Codice Fiscale before you leave, don't worry about it. It's one of the easiest things to apply for (you need only your passport and a form they provide) and address to send the final card (until you receive it, you can use the paper "receipt" they give you)