29 September 2013

What Happened to September?

Wow, the month seems to have whizzed by.

The first part of September I was in the USA to celebrate my parents 60th Wedding Anniversary, quite an accomplishment. Valerie had been in the States in May for a cousin’s wedding so I travelled solo. It was a good opportunity for all of my family to get together for a few days to celebrate the occasion and my parents were thrilled as it is rare we are all able to get together at one time.

Italy started back to work in September and we’ve been busy, too. Some clients for My Bella Basilicata have kept us busy a few days showing them the origins of their families in Lucania.

I’ve also been finishing up some projects around the house before the temperatures begin to drop and the rain becomes more prevalent.

A quick look at the calendar for October and it looks like another busy month…

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