05 March 2009


Oldest European's birthday

Yesterday was the birthday of the oldest living European, Lucia Lauria who currently lives in Salerno with her daughter. Lucia was born March 4, 1896 at Pietrapertosa in the Dolomiti Lucane, deep in the heart of Basilicata. This is a beautiful town we have visited before that also has a unique attraction.

Pietrapertosa, highest town in Basilicata.

Lauria is 113 years old and recently passed the mark for the oldest European on record. The local paper quoted her as saying the secret to her longevity is the fresh mountain air of Lucania. No doubt those steep streets of this mountain town provided plenty of exercise. Ever since our first visit to Lucania I knew there was something special about the area.

There are nine people in the world older than Lucia and the oldest is the American Gertrude Baines, born April 6, 1894


erin said...

oh wow! I'm sure those steps didn't hurt too :)

It's surprising to me that the oldest is an American.

Postum said...

Thanks for your valuable info!
We were thinknig moving to Italy for the last 6 years on Extended Visa, but latest market crash makes it difficult not to work at all in Bella Italia. We are Canadians, is there any way to work there?

Bryan said...

Erin - I too was surprised the oldest was American.

Postum - To work in Italy you need a work permit, not an easy task. You can also set-up a Canadian based business if you find a niche to fill.