08 March 2009


i tramonti

When we lived in New Mexico we regularly enjoyed spectacular sunsets with both the sun slipping beyond the western horizon and the play of colors upon the Sandia Mountains that face west. I always enjoy a good sunset.

Where we are staying on the Cilento coast we are again being able to witness a regular array of sunsets. Each evening seems to bring a different combination of clouds and sun with various colors that fill the rooms of the house. Valerie eloquently equates the differences of every sunset with the difference of every snow flake. Each is beautiful in its own right.

I hope you enjoy this little sampling of our nightly display.


Gil said...

Beautiful collage!

Giorgio said...

Nice pictures...I hope you're doing good. Bye

Bryan said...

Thanks Gil and Giorgio. We are enjoying seeing the Cilento area.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Thanks for sharing! Your collages are brilliant :-)

Anonymous said...


we're taking a roadtrip to denver soon and will be stopping in santa fe on the way back...have any suggestions for what we should see there?

Bryan said...

Eryn - I see you are making a long venture from TX to Denver - Bravi!

Santa Fe is one of the few cities in America that is designed similar to a European city, once you get into the center it is best to go on foot and you can wander the streets. The best part of SF is being able to wander the area around the Plaza and look at all of the shops. Check out the Cathedral and the Loretto Chapel. Canyon Rd is a good place to see all the art SF is famous for.

Be sure to have some real New Mexican food at one of the many local eateries. Nothing like you get in TX.

A little farther out Bandalier Natl Monument was always one of our favorite places. Between Denver and SF Pecos Natl Mon and Las Vegas (the original one)are also interesting stops.

Have fun!