15 May 2008

Moving the crane

Ciao la gru.

They recently took down a crane that was located down the street from our apartment that has been there since we moved to Ascoli Piceno in September 2006. To install and remove a crane in the narrow streets of Italy, you need a crane.

They had signs up for a couple days that there would be no parking along the street on the day they removed the crane. Bright and early in the morning they had brought in the mobile crane to start disassembling the fixed crane. As workers unbolted parts the pieces were lowered down and stacked along side the adjacent buildings. By late that day both the fixed and mobile cranes were gone.

So long to la gru.


Gil said...

Pretty efficient in getting it all removed in the same day!

joe@italyville.com said...

it's always nice to get rid of those things.

Bryan said...

The crane is gone but unfortunately the fence blocking part of the street is still there...maybe next month.