05 May 2006


When we got our mail today it included the US Express Mail packet I had labeled and included in our visa application that we had delivered to Detroit last Wednesday. We did not realistically expect to hear anything from the consulate until next week, so our first worry was that they sent everything back. I tore open the packet and inside was the folder that we had put our application documents into.

I opened the folder and on the right side were our passports, open to the page with our visa stamps smiling up at us. What a wonderful sight that was! We have our visas and can now start looking for airline tickets to get to Italy, hopefully next week.

This is such a relief to have these visas after all of the time we have spent planning and preparing for our move, especially after the problems we had with the Los Angeles Consulate.

Gloria a Dio for his comfort in this time of trial and his graciousness in providing our visas.


Jacque & John said...

Awesome news! We are both very happy to see you get past this frustrating hiccup. We look forward to reading about your arrival in Italy. Best wishes.

Ron Estrada said...

Right on a big Salud from NM!

Anonymous said...


Thats brilliant hearing your good news.

what a conundrum it must have been having your application declined at the LA consulate and later "hey no worries" at the Detroit conslt, aren't they both italian consulates ??? so whats the problem with LA.

gama17 at hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Ascoli Piceno awaits you! I was there last week (S. Benedetto) and the weather was wonderful. Look at this little experience in Italian bureaucracy as "training". You will have an edge the next time you find yourself in one of these ridiculous situations. Have a good trip.


Anonymous said...

All I can say is "YEAH! YEAH!"

Felix said...

Praise God. That is wonderful news.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bryan - Shawn Conway here. That is great news, I could not be happier for you and your wife. Good luck in your great adventure!

Anonymous said...

Mikey and Judy say ... WOO HOO!!

Praise God!