27 April 2006

Delivered visa application to Detroit

Today we were in Detroit to drop off Valerie's mom at the airport and then drove downtown to the consulate to submit our extended stay visa application. We had prepared all of the documents into a folder neatly arranged with an index and labels for the staff to quickly to find what they would need for review.

When we got to the consulate both of us were nervous; we felt like we were called into the principal's office, and a little disappointed that the clerk did not take more time to review what we had submitted while we were there. She just looked at the applications, made sure we had the passport photos, and had us sign the applications and verified our drivers licenses.

We had hoped for more insight if we had everything they would need or if there was something else we needed to get right away. The most she would tell us was that they would email us if they had any questions and that no email is not necessarily a bad thing. When we asked how long the visa would take, we were told that we should have an answer in two weeks.

Again we wait for the all important visa, so we can leave Ohio and begin our adventure in Italy.

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Jacque & John said...

Awesome news! We are both very happy to see you get past this frustrating hiccup. We look forward to reading about your arrival in Italy. Best wishes. Jacque & John