10 April 2006

Plan B: apply for visa in Detroit

We have abandoned trying to deal with the Los Angeles Consulate based on our experience in talking to them and from similar experiences others have indicated they had with that consulate. We visited the consulate in Detroit and had a much better experience there and we had others tell us that they have had reasonable experiences with them.

This will involve establishing our residency where we are now in Ohio by obtaining a drivers license, getting updated financial statements and a new housing document from our friends in Rome. We have everything else that we need for the application from our dealings with Los Angeles. We hope to have the housing document later this week.

The Detroit Consulate said it would be 2-3 weeks for the visa once we submit everything. If all goes as planned we should have everything together to submit the application in 2 weeks which would mean having the visa in hand in 5 weeks or by mid-May. Unfortunately in dealing with the consulates there is no "goes as planned" so we may then resort to Plan C.

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