08 April 2006

Visit to Detroit Consulate

Yesterday we made the 2 hour drive to Detroit to visit the consulate and try to obtain some specific answers face to face. We had tried most of the week to get answers by phone or by email with no response, so decided this was the best way to gather information so we can decide what course of action to take next to get to Italy.

The consulate is located in downtown Detroit and has a small waiting room about 10' by 10' where you talk to the employee though a glass window. There were about 8 other people there and the wait was only about 20 minutes. We had prepared a list of questions so when it came to our turn we approached with smiles. We were able to ask several direct questions and get direct answers. When I have talked to consular employees in Los Angeles in the past by telephone I was always limited to 2 or 3 questions before the employee would conclude the conversation.

We verified that a drivers license is required for jurisdiction resident verification, the FBI background report is not required, the elective resident visa is the proper visa for us, health insurance is required, marriage certificate is required, airline tickets are not required, financial documents are required and a brief letter is suggested to explain the reason for our visa request. We were also told that a lettera di invito is acceptable and given the consulate form for this. This lettera was the main issue with the Los Angeles Consulate and they told us it was not acceptable, so we are still uncertain on this subject.

With this information we can think through what our plan should be to move to Italy and review our options.


Jane said...

Bryan and Valarie, we keep praying. This consulate sounds like a world apart from LA. The lack of uniformity is amazing. What are you doing about your plane tickets for this month? Wonder if it would still be advisable for your friends to do a rental contract for a nominal fee--just for the record? Keep on keeping us informed.

Anonymous said...

My advice - go back to the Consulate, put down all the required documents and simply refuse to leave until they give you the visa. Don't go in there smiling - go in there like an Italian. If the person at the desk is a dickhead, ask to see her supervisor. Seriously, this is how you get results. Not by being nice. It is hard, I know. But you've got to stop thinking like an American (have a nice day) and start thinking like an Italian (give me the Visa now, B****.)

Good luck... I have been in your position before and I know it is not a comfortable one.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to say but Shannon is right, you have to scream, bang tables, and cause a scene to get anything done in Italy. If you go in there smiling they will just think you are retarded.