20 March 2006

Time Line Update

A lot has been going on as we get "down to the wire" to leave New Mexico this week, so I thought it was time to update our time-line to Italy.

3/22: Packers come to pack up the belongings we have left in our home in Corrales.
3/23: Loaders come to load the rental truck. Uncle Dean arrives to help drive the "big rig," aka rental truck.
3/24: We leave New Mexico, stop in Oklahoma.
3/25: We arrive in St. Louis to visit friends.
3/27: We leave St. Louis for Chicago where we will store our furniture.
3/30: After visiting my sister's family we leave Chicago for Cleveland.

We will be in Ohio visiting family and friends before we fly out of Cleveland on 4/19 and arrive in Rome on 4/20.

We are scheduled for an intensive language school in Ascoli Piceno for three weeks starting May 8th.

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