21 March 2006

Final good-byes to New Mexico, round II

On March 8th I posted about saying good-bye to New Mexico, but since then we have had several more get-togethers with friends as we prepare to leave. This part of the process, saying good-bye to friends, is the most difficult. These are people we have met through various endeavors whether it be our church, language classes or work. Each of them has been a blessing to us over the years in one way of another, and all are unanimous in wishing us the best on our new adventure.
My men's bible study group at a pot-luck last week.With Anna Marie, our good friend and the realtor who helped sell our house so quick.With Mike & Judy, friends for several years.This is Valerie's "girls group", at a wedding this past summer. Flower power!?


Felix said...

great Men's group picture! I didn't realize i was that much taller.

Bryan said...

Felix - you just stand above the crowd.