02 March 2006

Medical check-ups and records

Our current medical coverage expires on my last day of employment so we have been getting various final check-ups with doctors, dentists and eye doctors. Some of these check-ups required making appointments months ago to be sure we could get in before we leave New Mexico.

We also figured it would be a good idea to have copies of our records from medical providers we have seen over the past 19 years and have sent letters off to various doctors and labs requesting these copies. Most of these records have been returned to us with in a few days but there are a couple we will have to follow-up with. Many of these records have tests results that develop baselines for various things like cardiovascular stress tests, cholesterol levels and eyeglass prescriptions that may be helpful if the unexpected happens while we are living in Italy.

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Gia-Gina said...

This is a good idea, you maynot find a doctor that can read in English but then you may. Still when you go in for your first set of exams at your Italian doctors office he/she may order a entire round of tests just so they have a record in Italian. I was just at the doctor today, all by myself!