05 January 2006

Lost in the mail...FBI report!

Valerie's FBI background check came back on 12/21 even though we sent them together on 12/02. I hoped maybe mine had just been delayed in the holiday mail. Last week I became worried as there were two days in a row that we received no mail, not even junk mail. A few years ago one of the contract mail deliverers in Corrales was caught taking home the mail for several days, that idea became vivid in my memory thinking of my anticipated FBI report.

I made a trip last Saturday to the Corrales post office to check if there were any problems with our local mail delivery, but I was assured mail volume between the holidays was just "light". I called the FBI customer service today and a friendly lady advised me that my report had been processed and mailed back to me on 12/14, and she verified they had sent it to the correct address, this form with sensitive personal information was mailed regular 1st class postage.

I have already put alerts on the credit reporting bureaus should this misdirected mail land in the wrong hands.

Fortunately officer Heaton of the Corrales PD made an extra fingerprint card for me, I will have to send this along with another payment to the FBI. This time I will send this packet via traceable mail service...both directions.

This is only a small bump in the road towards our plans to move to Italy

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