18 July 2022

COVID Recovery


We flew back to Ohio to visit our families and friends for three week in June and had no issues. Unfortunately, when we flew back home all of the anti-Covid precautions for traveling had been dropped and we had two flights and three airports full of people unmasked. We are fully vaccinated and wear masks whenever we are in public settings.

About a week after returning to Trivigno we both became sick with strong flu-like symptoms and tested positive for Covid. Based on our lack of exposure to unmasked groups in Italy we are certain we contracted this during our travels from the US to Italy. 

In Italy we are required to remain in quarantine until testing negative. We are fortunate to have friends and neighbors who brought us medicines, groceries and some meals during our confinement.

After 10 days we tested finally tested negative but still feel weak and lethargic. Our experience was certainly not mild symptoms but also not as bad as others have had. We will continue to be cautious and follow procedures to avoid another infection as new variants develop and spread around the world.

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