08 January 2021


This is such a great expression that is used in Italy - "Boh". The simple translation is "I don't know", but it can mean so much more such as "I don't understand it myself" or "how would I know?".

Being the only americani in our town we frequently are asked about events in the US. Many Americans may not be aware that what happens in the US, the good and the bad, frequently makes headline news here and elsewhere in the world.

When there is a mass shooting at a business or school people ask us how is this possible? When the death count from the COVID pandemic started to skyrocket in the US along with pictures of people acting like nothing had changed we were asked if Americans don't care about the lives of others? When the news showed police being accused of killing citizens in their custody we were asked how can that be permitted? With the delay in the presidential election winner being announced we were asked about the variances in state voting laws? 

This week has brought another round of inquiries - how can the American president encourage violent public disorder?

I can't explain this in English let alone in Italian - BOH!?

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