21 May 2014

Your Journey

My Bella Basilicata

Our move to Basilicata began as a journey to discover the history of Valerie’s family in Anzi and Lauranzana.

Since we moved to Basilicata in 2010 we have had the pleasure of helping other people with their journey to this region. Some people have just wanted to find some of the missing branches in their family tree. Some have needed documents for obtaining their Italian citizenship. Some find their roots here and want to visit Lucania, the land their ancestors called “home”.
Historical record book
We have also helped people who have no family connection to the region but appreciate the unique beauty of this area.

If you are looking to trace your heritage in Basilicata, need a guide who speaks Italian and knows the area, or want help in planning an adventure to southern Italy then we are able to help. Come and visit our site at My Bella Basilicata, and let’s make Your Journey a satisfying one.

Clients exploring the town of their ancestors

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Anonymous said...

very nice area of Basilicata, i love italy, but the police are a bit too severe for my taste !

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