16 June 2012

Now Really, It’s Not Reality!

It was one year ago this weekend that we finished-up shooting our episode for House Hunters International. We had an enjoyable experience and the crew we worked with was great and fun. Some of the locals in Trivigno still talk about how the “Brits” can put away their fair share of Peroni.

Our story has aired a couple times on HGTV and this has led to some inquiries about our town and even a stint on the local RAI station. All in all it was and has been a positive experience.

This past week there have been some stories in the US press that the House Hunters episodes may not be a true representation of how it really happens. No kidding!?!
My response is - if you think any of the “reality” shows on TV are realistic and without any staging, then you better stay away from used car lots.

It is entertaining to see the different locations where people buy properties on HHI. It can be a fun way for an expat to tell their story and have a few moments of fame.


Bill C said...

Your's was the episode that got us thinking more seriously about making the move. Hard to believe it's been a year since it dropped.

Would you be open to making some posts about daily life? What things cost, getting around, dealing with bureaucracy, stuff like that?

Bryan said...

Bill C - Glad you found the HHI episode, and this blog.

Talking about what it like to live in Italy has been one of the things I've liked to post here. I've labeled these "Daily life", and about dealing with all the details "The process". You'll find these in the box on the right down a few scrolls.

I know there are a lot but skimming through some of these posts will give you an idea of our joys...and frustrations.

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Dave Ingala said...

We're looking to do the exact thing when our boys get out of college. Your story is encouraging.Glad it is working out for you.