01 January 2010

The end of 2009, the start of 2010

Christmas to New Years

With the deep snow we had in Northern Virginia two weeks ago we went to Cleveland a little earlier than planned and had a wonderful time with our families for the Christmas holiday. It has been many years since we spent Christmas with this much family as we were in Italy for the last three and when we lived in New Mexico for twenty years we always stayed there. It was a nice change for us to spend the holiday with parts of both of our families.

Christmas Day was a large family gathering at Valerie’s sister’s house where we opened gifts and stayed indoors most of that blustery day. On the 26th we celebrated Santo Stefano as we had in Italy with a big polenta feast, a first for most of the family and friends who came.

On Sunday we joined the thousands traveling back home as the service plazas along the Ohio and Pennsylvania turnpikes were packed and we returned to find most of the snow gone here in Alexandria, Va.

New Years Day 2010 will be an opportunity for me to watch a few of the college bowl games. That is one of the things I missed with living in Italy; plopping down in front of the television with snacks and watching football all day.

We will of course be cheering for the Buckeyes as they battle the Ducks in the grand-daddy of them all, The Rose Bowl.

A 26-17 win for OSU over Oregon!  GO BUCKEYES!


Anonymous said...

the bucks pulled it off over the ducks! happy new year

Bryan said...

26-17, what a great way to start off 2010! GO BUCKS!