06 September 2009

Gaggia results

Caffé follow-up

I have had my new espresso machine, a Gaggia , for almost two months now and I am rather happy with the results. I am able to consistently obtain a good caffé with a tasty crema. This is the end product of the right beans (Bistot), grinder (Baratza) , and machine (Gaggia).

My sister-in-law is also hooked on this caffé and has vowed that when we leave her house and take this equipment she will be forced to buy her own.

If I could just get un buon cornetto to go with my macchiato.


Gil said...

That's what we need. What model did you get?

Unknown said...

Gil - The Gaggia is the Espresso Pure and the grinder is the Baratz Meastro Plus burr grinder. EspressoZone.com has good prices, free shipping and a nice gift package included.

Gil said...


Thanks. I'll have a look.