23 May 2009

On our way to America

Packing and last visit to Rome

Today we will be spending way too much time sitting in planes and airports during our return to Cleveland, OH. We spent the last week at our friends’ house in Rome sorting through the stuff we had collected over the past three years to determine what we would store with them and what we would lug back to America. How did we collect so much stuff!?

We are paying extra bag fees to bring back more than the two free checked bags as this is less expensive than shipping costs and we feel more confident they will arrive (see our M-Bag experience). When we arrived in Italy we had six bags plus our carry-on, we now have more than enough to fill twice as many bags, however we are not bringing all of that back. Over the years we bought various items and clothing, visiting family brought some clothing and books and then there were gifts for birthdays and holidays. We are fortunate to have these good friends with ample space where we can store the rest until we return to Italy.

Despite the heat we did take one last trip into the centro storico of Rome to see some museums we had not visited in all our previous visits and to stroll among some of the piazze, sites and monuments that have become familiar to us. It was fun to see a few more hidden gems and old favorites, have an aperitivo at a roof-top bar and finish with a visit to Fonte de Trevi to toss our coins to insure our return.

So after eighteen hours of travel we will arrive in Cleveland and will look forward to seeing a lot of friends and family this summer while we begin our endeavors to return to Italy.


Giorgio said...

Have a safe trip to America. I hope you will be back here in Italy soon.


Jane said...

Bryan,please keep blogging here in the states. I want to follow your new endeavors. And...my thoughts will be with you as you begin the transition.

Unknown said...

Have a safe trip and welcome back to America. I have enjoyed revisiting Ascoli though your blog. We are hoping to return next summer to introduce our two children to my husband's family. We were last there on our honeymoon in 2005.

Bryan said...

Giorgio - We had an uneventful trip and did enjoy seeing your parents and sister in Ascoli before we left.

Jane - I still have a lot of thoughts in my head about life in Italy so no problems on that end.

Michele - If you go next summer be sure to make it for La Quintana, the kids will love it!

Jilll said...

Ciao Bryan- Larry and I have enjoyed following your adventures! We made the re-entry to the states after 1 year living near Cortona. There isn't one day we don't pull from our Italian memory bank of lifetime memories. This will be true for you and Valerie as well. As you know, when you return to Italy, time will have stayed still and you will pick up right where you left it. All the best, Jill, Larry and Daniela in Seattle.