18 March 2009

"Red, white and blue, through and through"

Baseball heroes

Okay, so this has nothing to do with Italy but is one of those stories that will touch your heart. A quick check of news and sports headlines will show you stories of corporate and political greed and sports stars who act like spoiled brats but yesterday after Team USA won an important game over Team Puerto Rico in the World Baseball Classic this group of Americans did something off the field to make anyone proud.

I found this story, “Red White and Blue Through and Through”, while checking updates on US sports and thought everyone would appreciate it. Please pass this story along to others as I think it does show that there are always bright spots in the world.

Team USA may not win the WBC but they have shown Classic style by this small gesture to one of the many vets who have made sacrifices that the rest of America, and the world, benefit from.

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