24 November 2008

Today is recycling day


Mondays are the days for recycling in the centro storico of Ascoli Piceno, each part of town is designated a different day. Our rubbish is collected every day, along with organic items which we place in a small bin just outside the building door. Put it out at night and by morning when we head out for a caffé it is gone.

Italy seems to have a much more uniform system of recycling across the country as you will see similar bins all along the peninsula: yellow for paper, green for glass, white for cardboard, etc… The comune even provides us with special bags in which we can place our items for recycling: plastics, paper, tin and magazines.

By the time people start to flow into the piazze for la passeggiata the recycling will be gone from the rue and vie of Ascoli Piceno.


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

What a great system, we only get our rubbish collected once a week here in the UK..some places once a fortnight..one week normal rubbish, then the next week, garden rubbish and cardboard!

we are way behind Italy!!! I think I shall have to write to someone..

Anonymous said...

Hello, I live in Ascoli and I assure you that this system is not perfect, especially for a tourist city as ours. People leave their waste from morning until late evening, when the city withdraws them. In this period of time the waste increases, forming heaps horrendous to see, because the lack of bins. In England you have space in your homes, villas or condominiums to keep them from, instead here in Italy, given the historical centers and the design of cities, and the absence of backyards, waste are left on the street all day. Not really a beautiful sight!

Bryan said...

The US has a similar system with collection once a week but this usually includes recyclables at the same time.

Here in the centro storico I do not see a lot of trash during the day, obviously there is some but most residents seem aware of the evening collection times. In addition the street sweepers are out daily clearing the streets.

I notice more piled near businesses until the recycling trucks come by during the afternoon.

Unknown said...

At least you have recycling! here it is PATHETIC...