21 January 2008


Oh How Incredibly cOld

We arrived in northern Ohio last Wednesday the day after a few inches had fallen on the Cleveland airport and the temperatures were in the low 30’sF but the sun was out and it didn’t feel too bad. Since that day the temperatures have steadily dropped and yesterday we awoke to find several inches of snow on the ground and the temperatures never rose above 15F/-9C. The forecasts before we leave on Tuesday are more of the same.

I found that shoveling snow is like riding a bicycle, you never forget how to do it…no matter how hard you try.

We have been running around Northeastern Ohio the past few days so we can spend some time visiting our families. Since our families do not live in the same towns we have been coordinating each day to be able to see someone, some of our family have traveled a day or more to be able to meet up with us. With all of the running around we will need a few days to recuperate when we return home.

One of the things we have been doing is sampling an array of ethnic foods while here in the US. We both love Italian food and Valerie is a great Italian cook but we also enjoy authentic ethnic food, the options for that are limited in the Ascoli Piceno area. We have had Japanese, Afghanistan, Turkish, Chinese, Greek, Indian, Lebanese and of course some good old American cooking. My body will be looking forward to a healthy diet of pasta when we get home.

For those who were wondering…after numerous failed attempts we did find a good espresso in Norwalk, Ohio at a place called Sheri’s.


Anonymous said...

Here in NY we are in a cold snap as well. It must be nice to see family again. Safe trip back!

Eryn said...

i feel your pain. i'm a texan that went to bowling green for 4 years. i didn't realize what a real winter was like until i went there.

glad to be back down south! hope you can enjoy your "un caffe" soon.

i didn't start drinking coffee regularly until i studied for a semester in florence and i was hooked. we go back in april to get married!

Anonymous said...

Good ethnic ideas if you want to eat in Cleveland....

Cafe Tandoor, Cleveland Heights (Indian)
Lemon Grass, Cleveland Heights (Thai)
Luchita's, Shaker Square, (Mexican)
Balaton, Shaker Square (Hungarian)

I just found your website and have been catching up with your Italian adventure.

Valerie said...

Casalinga, we ate at Cafe Tandoor! My sister lives in Cleveland Heights near Coventry and she also frequents Mint Cafe (we didn't make it there, unfortunately...too few days for all the ethnic cuisines we wanted!) Valerie

We also fit in a Skyline Chili fix and a nice, big juicy bacon cheeseburger while we were dining our way around America!