15 September 2007

Grape harvest season

la Vendemmia

Now is the grape harvest season in Italy and also in our home state of New Mexico. With the drought Italy is experiencing the grape harvest is expected to produce a reduced volume of grapes but a superior quality of wine. Some grapes were harvested in late August and different varieties will be harvested in the next few weeks. Many of the prime wine producing areas in the Piceno area have their wine feste this time of year to celebrate the harvest.

Our friends Bob & Maria who live in New Mexico have a small vineyard and each year they have a genuine vendemmia, where friends help to pick the grapes and everyone joins in for a big Italian feast afterwards. They have already harvested some of the grapes themselves and this week-end they will have a lot of extra hands to finish this project. The fall before we moved to Italy we had the opportunity to help with their harvest and enjoyed the hard work, good friends and the feast.

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