24 September 2007

Basilicata again…

We are headed back to Basilicata this week to meet up with Valerie’s cousin Celia in Matera for a few days and then we are all going over to Anzi together. This is the hometown of Valerie’s great-grandmother. Celia and Valerie’s Italian cousin Michele and his family always give us a warm welcome in Anzi.

We have never been to Matera and will also visit some new locations on our way down such as San Giovanni Rotondo, the hometown of Padre Pio.


Anonymous said...

LOL it's "S. Giovanni RotOndO" as in "round".

Nice blog BTW.


Agile DJ said...

My family and I are heading to Basilicata for Thanksgiving week to visit birthplace of mother and father in Picerno and Terranova di Pollino.

Do you have any thoughts on what else to see and do in that region? We plan to stay for a week and will have a car. We don't know if we can find any relatives since mom and dad left 75 years ago.

Thanks for any advice.

Great blog to read. Good luck in Italy.

Bryan said...

Spelling has not been one of my strong points, in Italian or English - thanks.

Ralph - Don't let 75 years discourage you, Valerie's family moved over 100 yrs ago. If you do a little document checking you just might be surprised who you will find.

Agile DJ said...
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Agile DJ said...

Thanks. And you have inspired my wife and me. I've started looking for jobs in Italy and my wife's a Montessori teacher. Maybe we can live the dolce vita one day.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I ran across your blog while searching for English speakers who are Montessori-qualified. I'm helping my wife's employer find another teacher for a second Montessori classroom (the person that was lined-up backed out at the last minute). I realize that your comment about looking for jobs in Italy is from back in 2007, but I thought I'd at least give you a heads-up on the job listed below. My wife and I are americans bu we live in Mantova (in the north of Italy). We have both spent much time in Italy - especially in the south (Sicily), and love it here even though life is not as easy as in the US.
Anyway... here is the link to a short job description.