17 August 2007

No summer blockbusters here

Free movies

Hollywood can not count on the Italian movie market to contribute to the summer blockbuster phenomenon common in the US. This past week Ascoli Piceno has been showing movies for free in Chiostro San Agostino every night to a full house. These are movies that were in theaters just a few months ago. Last night we were in Offida and they were showing a movie on the wall of a small piazza. This is like going to the drive-in but without the nachos.

The centro commerciale between Ascoli Piceno and San Benedeto that has the multiplex is also showing recent movies for 2€ a person on selected nights through-out the summer. The theaters here are also only open in the evening; there are no midday shows to escape the heat in air conditioning that many people in the US expect.

Summers for Italians are spent in the open either at the beach soaking up some sun or enjoying cooler mountain scenery during the day and in the piazze at night mingling with friends.

Another movie related item I have noticed is that movies here are advertised based primarily on the director, not the actors.

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