14 June 2007

First Panorama Italy tour

Yesterday we had our first group with Panorama Italy. This was a day trip for Vickie and Pam from Birmingham, Alabama who were in Ancona with their husband/partner who were in Italy visiting a company that manufactures coffee equipment. While the men worked the women were looking to take in the sights of Italy for the first time.

We were contacted just over a week ago by another lady who was supposed to be with them but had flight problems at JFK in New York. We made the arrangements on short notice and picked them up at their hotel in Ancona and brought them back to Ascoli Piceno for a tour of the centro storico. It was a warm and sunny which made it a perfect day for strolling around town. We had a leisurely lunch at the historic Caffe’ Meletti and then headed to Loreto to visit the Santa Casa at their request before returning them to their hotel.

This gave us a good opportunity to “get our feet wet” with a small day trip while Pam and Vickie thoroughly enjoyed the sights and tastes of Marche.


erin said...

Congrats on your "ribbon -cutting"!

Anonymous said...


Congratulations on your first tour. I am trying to start a business in Italia but the bureaucracy is making it very difficult for me as a non-citizen. How did you get so lucky?

Bryan said...

Thanks - we hope this is the first of many.
Steve - our business is based in the US so we operate as a US company.

Anonymous said...

Valerie--that is fantastic--I hope that it is the first of many clients and that your fame spreads!