05 May 2007

Ragazzo di Ascoli

Ascolano in America

I received a comment on this blog recently from a high school student in Hurricane, West Virginia. Giorgio Tomassetti is native to Ascoli Piceno and is in the United States for a one year exchange student program. He has a blog, “un anno a stelle e strisce” (a year of stars and stripes) where he talks about his experiences in America. It is interesting to see his views on my home country just as he finds it interesting to see my views of his hometown. His blog is in Italian but if you have even a little language knowledge you can understand what he is talking about as his blog is full of photos and video, be sure to check it out.

If you want to read a humorous twist on Italians’ views of America there is a good book by Beppe Severgnini titled “Ciao, America!”. He gives some interesting insights on America from his experience living in the Washington, DC area. 

Looking at yourself through another person’s viewpoint does make you wonder why we do some of the things we do.


Giorgio said...

Thank you for this article about my blog.

Patty said...

I just ordered the book you suggested...Thanks!

Bryan said...

Patty - you will enjoy "Ciao America!".

Giorgio - Let us know when you move back to Ascoli, we'd love to talk about your experience in the US.