11 January 2007

Plan for 2007: bella Italia

The start of the new year is traditionally the time to plan for the upcoming year. Since we have finally obtained our permesso di saggiorni from Roma, which are good until November 2008, we have spent some time reviewing our plans for life in Italia. When we started this whole process almost two years ago we decided to plan to be here for a year and then we would reevaluate if we wanted to stay longer based on our experience in Italia and our available funds.

We decided a couple months back that we truly enjoy life in Italia and we would need to look at ways to extend our stay as long as possible. A big part of this is if we would have funds for more than a year. The cash that we set aside for this adventure will allow us to stay for all of 2007 but our hope is to use this year to develop ways to make this our permanent home. Valerie is continuing to develop her freelance writing assignments and we are involved in some beginning stages of other opportunities for both of us to be involved in to generate revenue to support ourselves.

A lot of prayer, planning and execution went into moving to Italia and that is still the process if we want to continue life here in bella Italia.

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