30 July 2006

Blog changes...internet woes

There is a new, easier-to-read look to my blog thanks to our good friend, Pauline Kenney of SlowTrav.com. Pauline was gracious to offer to clean-up the look of my blog and I am thrilled with the results.

Be sure to click on the link to SlowTrav on the left side; this is a great source for travel information for Italy and other destinations. You can also read Valerie’s trip reports, reviews and her monthly column on our stay in Italy.

Thanks Pauline!

We are still having issues with our internet connection speed and are not able to load photos to our blogs from our temporary home; we have had very limited success in loading photos from internet points in Anzio. We looked into getting a cell card for the laptops but when we talked to one of the phone stores about this option, they said the connection would not be any better with a different card or service because it is just a problem with the cell reception in the Anzio area. Even the internet points here are slower than the DSL and cable connections we had in New Mexico.

We had a decent internet connection via the cell phone when we were in Ascoli Piceno for 2 weeks and we were surprised by the page load speed at an internet point in Sulmona. More bonus points for the Marche & Abruzzo regions.

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