10 May 2006

Flights to Italy next week

With our visas in hand we have booked flights from Cleveland to Rome for May 17th.

This required a bit of work on Valerie's part over a period of several days. She started searching various web-sites last Friday looking at price and several other factors. Flying from Cleveland requires at least one change of plane and we wanted to avoid multiple plane changes. We also had to be careful as some low fares had the first flight segment out of Cleveland on commuter planes which would pose a problem with the luggage we plan to take with us; would there be enough room on the commuter plane?

Some other apparent bargains had long lay-overs of up to 8 hours between plane changes. Other offerings required a change of airports in New York which would again present a problem with our luggage.

Valerie finally found a flight with a good price, good connections and no segments with commuter planes. So after a quick call to check with our friends in Rome who will meet us at the airport we have booked our flights.


Ron Estrada said...

You are running your race and may you finish it, with smiles on your faces! Congratulations!

Bryan said...

Thanks, Ron!