19 April 2006

Getting our financial documents

We have everything we need to submit our visa application in Detroit except a couple financial statements. Obtaining these have been complicated by setting up our residency in Ohio which requires changing our mailing address and requesting the documents. Each financial institution has a different process for doing this and some of these can only be done by snail mail.

First we have to get them to change our mail address to where we are temporarily in Ohio. Then they need to send us a statement of account on letterhead as the consulates will not accept a monthly statement. Trying to explain this difference in statements to customer service reps can be a frustrating experience.

I started this process last Monday and after various faxes, emails and phone calls it appears that all of the statements we need should be in the mail on their way to us in Ohio. We are at the mercy of the US Post Office. Once we have these in hand we will head back to Detroit to submit our visa application.


Jane said...

Bryan, I know you want to do everything according to what you are told--as well you should given your experience--but, all we did was submit statements from our accounts. We had no other documentation. Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

I am an old high school classmate of Valeries. I am sorry the two of you are having to jump thru so many hoops in pursuit of your dreams. I wish you both luck in Detroit. Please tell Valerie I said hello.

Anonymous said...

Keep trucking along. Something good will come of this.