11 March 2006

Canceling utilities

Yesterday I called all of the utilities we have - natural gas, electric, phone, cable/internet and trash - to have these services stopped on March 24th when we leave the house in Corrales. Since we are on a well and septic system we do not have water or sewer to worry about. This process was easily handled by phone and all are supposed to keep the service going until the 24th, then they will send a bill for any balance to our forwarding address.

The only one that will require more from us was Comcast Cable with whom we also have our high-speed internet. They could schedule a tech to come by on the 22nd but could not give a time frame - "sometime during the day" - or we could take our cable modem to their office in Albuquerque and the service would be terminated at that time. Since we are both internet junkies we will take the modem to them sometime before we leave town on the 24th.

March 24 is only two weeks away - oh my!

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