04 February 2006

"Passport" photos

A lot of the different documents we will need require passport photos: our visa application will require 2 of each of us, the residency documents when we get to Italy require some also. I wondered if we just needed to pack a stack of these photos so we would have them as needed, fortunately the good people on the Expats in Italy web-site assured me there are kiosks in Italy where you can hop in and get your needed photos for a couple euro, kind of like the photo booths at the malls in the US.

I did look on the US State Department web-site as someone had also said you can take your own passport photos. It is amazing that the State
Department has almost 10 pages on how to take the proper passport photo: passport. So here is my attempt at a passport photo, the web-site did say "a neutral facial expression". Looking goofy is just me.

With our upcoming visa application submission we are getting the photos needed for that from Walgreens, their $8 fee is almost half the price of FedEx/Kinkos or The UPS Store. When I went in this week I chuckled when the girl taking my photo said "smile!".


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if this photo is any better than your last passport photo!!

Felix said...

where are the glasses?

Bryan said...

I had lasik done in Feb '05