01 January 2006

"No criminal record"...at least for one of us.

We sent our fingerprints off to the FBI (see 12/2 post) the first Friday of December. This included a separate request for each of us with cover letters and money orders: sent in the same envelope. Valerie's response came back on 12/21, mine has yet to come back in the mail. Looks like we will be making a call to the FBI next week to find out why the delay on my report.

We were expecting some type of of official looking print-out with the records result, but all that Valerie received is the original fingerprint card she mailed-in; returned with a stamp on the back saying "no criminal record" with a date. Other expats have verified that this is indeed all we should expect to receive from the FBI.

I guess I was expecting something more from the FBI, though I'm not sure why.

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