16 December 2005

Making the load lighter

Over the past year we have been getting rid of things in our house in anticipation of moving to Italy. We have had 2 garage sales, several trips to Goodwill and given things away, yet we still have too much stuff. It is amazing how much you can accumulate over 9 years in the same house.

When we leave for Italy we plan to store just what we would need if we have to come back to the US and set up housing without having to go out and buy all new 'stuff'. However, we don't want to store everything we have now, just what we might need if we come back. Besides, the more you store the more it will cost. (shipping overseas can be expensive). The other trick is not to get rid of things before we might need them between now and March.

We will start going through each room in our house and decide what we want to keep and what we don't need. Keep the family heirlooms and antiques, get rid of the bent metal filing cabinet. What do we try to sell and what items might a family member or friend want? Then the process of packing. Pack what we will want to put in storage, separate things we might need to have shipped to us in Italy (winter clothes in the fall) and finally set aside what we will need to take with us to Italy.

We are still deciding on the location for storage but will need it to be close to someone who would have access in case we decide there are things we want shipped to us. This involves a moving truck to get it to storage as well as the storage facility for a year. Plus we will be storing Valerie's Mustang while we are in Italy (shipping a car is REALLY expensive).

We have folded boxes in out living room waiting to be used and the corner of our guest room is already filling with boxes of clothes and other things we want to keep. The process is under way.

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Deborah said...

Hi Bryan.
I've added your blog to my bloglines as I love to read what others are doing to bring about this crazy notion of moving to Italy!

It's always nice to know I'm not alone.