09 December 2005

Giving 3 months notice

One of the considerations we had in making this move was when to tell my employer that we would be leaving the country. We did not want to say anything too early and drag out the process but did want to make sure they had ample time to hire and train a replacement.

I have been with Safeco for almost 16 years and have worked from home -and away from any close management- for the past 9 years. This step was something I felt was best to discuss face to face with my manager. Well, Cory, my manager, was finally able to make it to Albuquerque this week. We had dinner Tuesday night and he just happened to ask how Valerie's blog (2baci.blogspot) was going. I asked if he had read it in the past couple months; the answer was "no". I knew that if he had read it, he would already know our plans.

I have told my managers since our first visit to Italy of our love of things Italian, so when I told Cory we had sold our house and would be moving he said "where're you moving, Rome?". He was only kidding but I smiled and said "close, not Rome but Anzio", which is about an hour south of Rome. After the initial shock he congratulated me on our bold step.

Selling our house was one step that brought home the fact we are actually doing this, telling my boss I will be leaving the company in March 2006 is another.

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Ann said...

I wish you and your wife the best of luck living in Italy. I've been here for almost four years now, since May 2002, slightly different motives, my husband is Italian. We're actually hoping to move back to the States. I'm originally from South Dakota.