26 June 2010

Beyond Camping

Bed delivered!

While Valerie was in Italy recently getting some work done on our place she also made arrangements for things to happen once she returned. This week our bed was delivered, with the help of our friend Tonino. This is no simple feat in a medieval hill town.

Our place in Italy is now beyond the camping stages and what we consider habitable. We have water and electric service. We have a functional bathroom and kitchen. We have a place to sleep. It may not be 4 star accommodations…but it is ours.

There is still a car load of items at our friends’ house in Roma to be moved down on our next trip but we now have a place to go to in Italy where we can keep our toothbrush and not have to lug a bunch a suitcases. I am itching to be there to unpack, explore and enjoy Lucanella.

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