22 April 2010

Spring and Mr J in Pink

Memorial or Monument?

Easter weekend was the peak of the cherry blossoms here in the Washington DC area, fortunate for the organizers of the National Cherry Blossom Festival. This marks the arrival of spring, something we are welcoming with open arms after the harsh winter this area experienced. Despite the daily coating of pollen on our vehicles every morning we are enjoying the greening of Northern Virginia.

We had the opportunity to see the blossoms in all their color around the Tidal Basin and as they frame the Jefferson Memorial. This is Valerie’s favorite memorial in the District, which she affectionately calls “Mr. J”.

One thing we learned recently is the difference between a memorial and a monument. As you will notice in the middle of the Jefferson Memorial is a large statue of Thomas Jefferson. The obelisk that is the Washington Monument has no large statue of George Washington. Thus the difference in naming…memorials have large statues as a part of them where monuments do not.

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