29 July 2009

Festa Italiana

More Italy in Ohio

This will be a quick follow-up to my last post as we had a great Italian experience this past weekend. The Unione Abruzzese Society of Akron held the Festa Italiana in nearby Cuyahoga Falls along their riverfront park area.

There were various booths providing food and drinks, a combination of Italian and your basic fair food. The best surprise for us amongst these booths was the one called “Emidio & Sons”. Sant’ Emidio is the patron saint of Ascoli Piceno and the name Emidio is very much an Ascolano name so we knew there had to be a Marche connection. While talking to the family member running the booth we learned that indeed their family is from a small town near Ascoli Piceno and the family has recently visited that area and attended La Quintana.

The best thing about the Emidio’s being there was they had Le Olive all’Ascolana, a wonderful reminder for us of Ascoli Piceno. These are olives stuffed with a mixture of meat and spices, breaded and then deep fried. For those of us who generally do not like olives these are good.

There was plenty of Italian music in the riverside amphitheater including several groups from Italy. The highlight for the ladies was Salvo Randazzo from Sicily whose good looks matched his amazing opera voice.


aquilotto said...

Interesting. Italian male entertainers abound. Maybe he and Patrizio Buanne could tour together and set love (lust)struck women everywhere on fire!!

Unknown said...

Domenic - I'm sure le ragazze would appreciate that.