27 December 2008

Christmas in Rome

La famiglia

We spent Christmas in Roma with our friends Giorgio and Francesca along with their family. This year’s event was not as grand as when we were there last year but they consider us part of “la famiglia” so it was good to be there together. We had the big feast for La Vigilia but Christmas Day was just the six of us with their two boys Valerio and PierGiorgio, no polenta feast on Santo Stefano this year.

The year 2008 has not been a banner year for us having been back in the US for two funerals this past summer and the Christmas season always brings back memories of family being together.

We are looking forward to the New Year as Valerie’s parents arrive in Italy to celebrate with us and Giorgio and Francesca will come to Ascoli Piceno to ring in the new year. Ascoli hosts a grand party in the centro storico so we will welcome 2009 with friends and family.


Carol ReMarks said...

and what a good-looking, handsome group of young men. Glad you had great holiday.

Anonymous said...

You sure resemble those guys! Are you sure you're not part Italian?

Bryan said...

I keep getting comments that I look like I am from Roma so Valerie wanted this photo for comparison.