28 November 2007

A timely delivery

Family, friends and green chile

Getting some green chile is always a welcome experience for us. We often have people ask us what we miss about America since we have moved to Italy and our response usually consists of only three things: Family, friends and green chile.

Even though we have made new friends here in Italy and have been “adopted” by our friends Giorgio and Francesca in Rome we still miss our families and friends in various parts of the US. Many have taken the opportunity to visit us here but there are many we have not seen in the eighteen months since we moved.

Then there is green chile: New Mexico roasted green chile to be exact. There is nothing like the smell of roasting fresh chile in the fall as your drive the country roads of New Mexico and there is a unique flavor that this spicy fruit gives to every dish. We have had several people bring us green chile since we moved and just a few days ago Valerie used our last can to make burritos. Monday we received a package from our friend Felix in Albuquerque - talk about timing. It included four different authentic New Mexico salsas, not that wimpy stuff sold by the national brands, a bag of chips, a new music cd and a copy of the Albuquerque Journal that was used as packing material.

Felix knows us well and based on the packing material he used we know he is a regular reader of our blogs. God uses people in mysterious ways – thanks Felix!


Valerie said...

Felix rocks!!

Anonymous said...

Tell me which one of the salsas you enjoyed the most, least? I'm curious.

Bryan said...

Felix, We are savoring them so we have not tried all of them yet. We will let you know the results when we have opened all of them.
Again Thanks!