24 November 2006

Well adjusted after six months.

We just finished with visits from three different groups of family from the US over a two month period and I realized after the dust settled that there was very little that we had anybody bring over for us. My parents and sister-in-law did bring us some winter clothes we had stored but we did not have them loading up with various things from the US that we can not do without. We requested some vitamin supplements Valerie has not been able to find here, some New Mexico green chili and a couple other little things but all together I would guess, outside of our clothing, everything would fit into a shoe box.

Last week marked our first six months living in Italy. Does this lack of needing “supplies” from the US mean we have adjusted to life in Italy?! We do feel that we want to stay in Italia; we just have to figure out some ways to generate enough income so we can stay before we spend our savings allotted to this adventure.

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